About Us



a website for nutrition, exercise and a balanced lifestyle. The main idea is to create a space where everyone can find what they need and most of all get enough information to make their choice in terms of diet, exercise and lifestyle.

It was created on the idea of ​​Deyana Ivanova - Didi. An actress by education, a Pilates instructor by profession and an adventurer at heart. She entered the Judo hall for the first time when she was only three years old and even then she discovered her love for sports. She trained boxing, Ju Jitsu and Judo, and some of them still practice today. Her love of martial arts, their psychology and their influence on self-improvement at every level as well as the laws of biochemistry are the basis of her work.

At the beginning of her career she worked as a fitness instructor, but after attending various courses and seminars related to nutricion and biochemistry, begins to deepen her knowledge in this direction and their application. Then health comes to the fore for her. Her belief is that - "No one cares what he looks like when he is NOT healthy."

She is a ISSA Corrective Exercise Specialist  and instructor in Pilates and Corrective Gymnastics and in her work she includes elements of what she learned from martial arts and arts, various methods of awareness through movement, joint gymnastics, trigger points treatment, self-massage  etc.

She has participated in seminars and trainings on "Healthy Eating", "Sports in the third trimester" (training for pregnant women to prepare for childbirth), "Practices for mobility of the cervical spine", guest lecturer at "School for pregnant women". She writes articles to improve our quality of life.