1. Be concise.

(This is a good rule in writing generally - not just email.)

Be direct. How can we help you?

2. Be specific in your ask.

Be specific in your inquiries, especially when it comes to physical condition, age, illness or dietary specifics. Also be specific in your recommendations, opinions or compliments to us.

For example: "I have a cervical disc herniation that was recently operated on and I am currently in a recovery period. I do not feel pain or discomfort when moving. Is the neck mobility course right for me?"

3. Research first, then ask.

Visit the FAQ section, our blog and the information sections before asking your question. We may have already answered it!

4. Be aware of things I probably won't respond to.

Those topics include:

  • guest posting on*
  • advertising on*
  • business advice if we aren't already friends
  • any sentence with the rude phrases

Thank you!

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