Purify Your Body Fast in 7 Days (Highly Effective!)

Purify Your Body Fast in 7 Days (Highly Effective!)

What does it mean to purify your body?

We ingest many toxins every day through the food, water and air we breathe. The accumulation of toxins and heavy metals in the body leads to damage to a number of systems in the body, slow metabolism, fatigue and tiredness, poor skin, hair and difficulty cooling the body (sweating), bloating and malaise and irritability. 

Detoxification may be compatible with diet, but I personally recommend doing it in preparation for entering a diet. 

Gradual entry and exit from the diet gives much better results, prolongs the realization time, but the results are lasting and our body does not fall into deficit and we reduce appetite. 

This means that if you purify your body, you can not only expect to feel better, but you will also maximise the results of your diet.

Detoxification is not a diet or a regime. It is important to know that detoxification is done a maximum of twice a year, when the body's metabolic processes are at their peak, namely in spring and autumn. 

We will not make a mistake if we do it at another time of the year, but it is important not to overdo it, because in addition to the bad ones, we expel some of the good bacteria from the body, and they support the proper functioning of peristalsis.

How can you purify your body?

There are different ways to cleanse our body from the inside with natural products that do not act aggressively on the body. 

Consuming moderate amounts of plant juices may be the best way to help clear impurities in your body without resorting to consuming whole liquid foods or medications that would stress our body and lead to unwanted results after completion of cleansing therapy.

The purpose of the detoxification program described below is to help clear toxins and toxins from our bodies, restore the health and integrity of cells and supply enough nutrients to them so that we eliminate any deficiencies in our body and normalize our hormones.

What are some of the most common detoxing mistakes that people make?

Mistake 1

The main mistake that a large percentage of people make is that they confuse detoxification with weight loss. They start following a purification regimen that aims to clear out the waste accumulated in the intestines and all the toxins in the rest of the body, but they don't follow it within three to ten days, but continue for a much longer period. 

Losing weight, of course, there is, but deficiencies that arise in the body become so dangerous that, firstly, our health is threatened, and secondly, the moment we start eating normally, the body will absorb the missing substances and hold on as long as possible and this will lead to weight gain.

Mistake 2

Speaking of weight loss and purification we can't help, but mention the mistake number two - fasting. And yes, I am not talking about well-known Fasting, but about the conscious consumption of a small amount of food to “better”clear toxins.  Stop, please! Do you really think eating two large, nutritious, high-fiber, high-nutrient apples per day is good for you?

An insufficient amount of food can create serious health problems, so we must strictly follow the principles of detoxification at home and in no case significantly limit portions. If you experience nausea, vomiting, fatigue or dizziness during detox, stop the regimen immediately. 

There are detoxification methods that are administered under clinical supervision. In this case, there is a restriction of portions to a minimum amount. But it is applied individually to each patient and applies to people with diseases.

Mistake 3

We choose some random product in the form of a detox supplement without caring about its origin and quality because of the promised quick result. 

There are more than 40 million detoxification products in the market and on the Internet, many of them promising incredible results such as weight loss, complete recovery from a serious illness, a surge of energy and a number of other great, but incredible effects and in a minimal period. 

A very common mistake is buying a detox product without researching it beforehand and making the purchase based on an advertisement.

What are the benefits of detoxing your body?

Benefit 1

Detoxification is a means of maintaining health. As a result of our lifestyle and especially after consuming foods with unnatural fats, sugar, enhancers and preservatives, toxins and free radicals accumulate in our body, which destroy cells. 

An increase in the number of free radicals in the body can increase the risk of diseases such as cancer,  sclerosis, inflammatory processes in the body and many others.

Through detoxification, we support our body efforts neutralize  toxins and radicals by first eliminating sell-polluting foods such as convenience foods and fast foods and replacing them with fiber-rich foods.

Benefit 2

Supports memory, concentration and supports brain health. And recent research suggests that our mood and our ability to communicate are affected by brain health.  

No other organ in the human body needs detoxification as much as the brain. The accumulated radicals in it lead to a delay in cognitive abilities or co-called “brain fog”, as well as to the death of brain cells for which there is still no evidence whether they can be restored.

 To get the most out of detoxification we need to include foods rich in B and K vitamins.

Benefit 3

Losing a kilos is a benefit that attracts a large number of people. Since fiber-rich foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds are consumed during purification, at the expense of high-calorie foods excluded from the menu, the fat around our abdomen decreases. 

During detoxification, the body also gets rid of retained fluids, which further effects weight loss, reduces puffiness at the face and limbs and the skin becomes hydrated and radiant.

Purify your body effectively in 7 days: step by step

Day #1 - Monday - Liver

Now that you’ve taken the necessary steps to purify your body, let’s start with the first day: detoxing the liver.

Beets contain beta-carotene, carotenoids, flavonoids, which are due to their color. Antioxidants treat inflammatory processes and lower the level of fat in the liver. 

Stimulates bile production and increases enzyme activity, which promotes faster release of toxins. Orange supports the production of detoxifying enzymes that expel contaminants from the body. 

The content of large amounts of vitamin A in carrots prevents liver disease. Turmeric helps regenerate liver cells and improves the body's ability to burn excess fat.

Juice to cleanse the liver:

Day #2 - Tuesday - Kidneys

In order to purify the body effectively, the second day will be focused on the kidneys.

Cranberries contain highly active proanthocyanidins, which prevent bacteria from attaching to the walls of the bladder. They help release uric acid and dissolve kidney stones. They have strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action. 

The tannin, organic acids and mineral salts in apples prevent the excessive formation of uric acid. Cucumbers are rich in potassium, magnesium, B vitamins, they normalize the pH in the kidneys and help eliminate toxins. 

Celery seeds contain calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin A and C and have a direct effect on the kidneys by increasing water excretion.

Juice to cleanse the kidneys:

Day #3 - Wednesday - Colon

The third day of detoxing and purifying your body fast continues with the colon. 

Cucumber has a lot of fibre, which supports the function of the intestines and prevents constipation. The large amount of alkaline salts and iodine in it help remove toxins. 

Bromelain in pineapple breaks down meat proteins, and this fruit contains plenty of vitamins, magnesium and copper. The antioxidant hesperidin in orange inhibits the growth of tumors, and vitamin C prevents the appearance of cancer cells. 

Aloe vera contains substances with a powerful laxative and colon cleansing effect. Clears the slag from the intestines.

Juice to cleanse the colon:

Day #4 - Thursday - Blood

Spinach is an excellent source of iron, and the content of vitamin C in it helps its absorption. The iron and hyxidine in fennel help treat anemia. 

Dill helps maintain blood pressure levels and clears arterial plaque. Sodium and potash in cucumbers support good heart function and pumping blood. Celery has a proven effect on lowering blood cholesterol, and the minerals in the juice neutralize acidity and normalize pH. 

Vitamin K in pears helps the blood to clot and is important for the role of proteins in the body, and pectin affects the reduction of cholesterol. Lime juice helps maintain blood sugar and insulin levels.

Juice to purify the blood:

Day #5 - Friday - Lymphatic system

Day 5 to purify your body continues with cleansing up the lymphatic system. 

Grapefruit has a hydrating effect, and the naringenin in it has been shown to affect fat oxidation and weight loss. 

Orange acts as a stimulant of the lymphatic system, releases water retained in the body while expelling toxins from the lymphatic system through it. Lemon hydrates the lymphatic system and has strong antioxidant properties.

Juice to cleanse the lymphatic system:

Day #6 - Saturday - Bones and joints

Ascorbic acid is important in the formation of an important protein in the body that builds bones, tendons, joints and blood vessels. It helps in quick recovery from injuries and traumas, and is a great way to purify our body.

And the substances in lemon peel reduce joint pain and have anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin K in celery strengthens bones, improves calcium absorption and prevents the risk of osteoporosis, and the antioxidants falcarinol and panaxadiol detect and eliminate free radicals. 

The tannins in bay leaf reduce swelling and inflammation of the joints, and phytoncides remove salt deposits on the joint surfaces.

Juice for cleansing bones and joints:

Day #7 - Sunday - Skin

On the last day of your journey to purify your body, we will be taking care of the skin.

Strawberries are extremely rich in vitamins, biotin, antioxidants, potassium, folic acid, alpha-hydroxy acids and fiber, which are excellent helpers in the fight against skin aging. 

Alphahydroxy acid makes the skin smooth and soft and has an astringent effect. Lemon has the ability to help close pores and effectively fights oily skin, in addition, it has strong whitening properties that help even out the complexion and clear dark spots from the skin. 

Hydrogen peroxide in the composition of honey has a strong antibacterial effect and helps prevent redness, pimples and acne. Chamomile cleanses, rejuvenates and hydrates, tightens pores and refreshes the skin. It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

Skin cleansing juice:

Fruits and vegetables are ground whole so as not to lose the useful nutrients in them! Consume the described amount throughout the day, and you can divide it into small portions throughout the day!

Why you need to purify your body: conclusion

Nourish and purify your body and get rid of excess deposits to rediscover the self-healing qualities of your body! 

To change your habits and lose weight I would advise you to prepare your body and mind by doing a light detox. Using it as a foundation will make it much easier to build your new eating and daily habits. First clean and then tidy, right?

Believe that our bodies have their own systems and defenses and the only reason for impaired health status is in our lifestyle. We can change it and now is the right time to start! Change starts from within!